“Tela is a tool for analysing organisational networks and modernising the informal structure of an organisation. It improves the flow of information. It enables better decisions.”


Management Board

Obtaining information costs the most. Tela gives an easy, fast and intuitive access to a range of data about the employees of the company. Searching for the necessary information takes less time.

Employees know that their additional contribution to the company is noticed. Tela shows who shares knowledge, who makes work of others more efficient. Picturing it automatically appreciates these people, increasing their involvement, encouraging others to such attitudes.

Data included in the system becomes available to other employees. They can contact each other more easily and faster. They know more about their work and about each other.

The project of change affects primarily changes in human attitudes and behaviour. Tela visualises activity of individual people in various dimensions of functioning of the company on the graph.

Analysis of the graph clearly indicates the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Answers of the employees indicate opportunities and threats.


Rankings functioning in the application encourage climbing higher on the list of the most needed people in the company.

The vast majority of decisions of managers affect directly their subordinates. In order to make the right decisions you simply need to know your subordinates. Tela describes comprehensively all employees of the company. The look at the company as the team is quite intuitive.

Tela is a system in which employees can present themselves. What competence, experience, abilities, predispositions I have. Other employees have access to this data as well. Knowledge of my strengths becomes common knowledge – I invite others to cooperate.

Feedback gives motivation for work. Feedback from employees of all levels of the company gives me the answer to the question of what my real role in the company is.


New employees spend a lot of time to get to know the organisation. Who does what? How does he/she look like? Who should I report to with what issues? Tela is a place where a new employee will find answers to all of these questions.

Contact details of all employees available to search according to the projects, position, area of responsibility – Tela is much more than just an address book.

What competence and skills do employees have? Who has them? Who is the source of knowledge for others? Who is a filter in the process of information flow?

Tela visualises position of the employees on the graph. Naturally, the rivalry to win the best position turns on. How to do it? By working with others, lending support, communicating.

“Do you have questions about the network of the organisation? I offer my help”


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