“Tela is a tool for analysing organisational networks and modernising the informal structure of an organisation. It improves the flow of information. It enables better decisions.”

Do you have any question about the network? Refer to the following knowledge base. It includes answers to frequently asked questions. If any area still requires clarification, contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Animation 1b/What Tela offers:

Thanks to animation, you will learn what benefits TELA offers your company.


Animation 2/Stages of implementation of Tela – Identification:

Get acquainted with the series of animations which show successive stages of implementation of TELA. The first one discusses the process of identification of key areas.


Animation 3/Stages of implementation of Tela – QUESTIONNAIRE

From the animation, you will learn what sample areas TELA may examine and what results from the questionnaires filled out by your employees


Animation 4/Stages of implementation of Tela – GRAPH

You have already chosen the areas which you want to “map” in your company and filled out the questionnaire. Find out what the graph is and how it is created.


Animation 5/Stages of implementation of Tela – Report:

You already know what the actual structure of your company is. In this animation, we discuss the last, expert stage – report.


tela.maps/Tela maps of relations:

In this video, we discuss networks in detail. You will learn how to use them and what knowledge they offer you.


tela_organisations/Tela statistics of the organisation and the team:

TELA offers a lot of valuable data. You will learn from the video how to use statistics related to both the organisation and individual teams.


tela_relations/ Tela relations:

Relations are the most important module in the system. With its help you can manage or fill out the questionnaire, which will be used to create a network. Watch the video to see what it offers.


tela_statistics/ Tela Statistics:

You need data about the organisation fast? You will learn from the video how to use the analytical module in TELA.


tela_implementation/ Implementation of Tela:

Are you implementing TELA in your organisation? Watch the video to find out what mistakes to avoid.

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